Western Vision Software is a small company dedicated to the field of Machine Vision and Image Processing. Unlike free software, we offer services that can toss you a life line when needed. Unlike large companies, you get to talk with the actual engineers who created the software and have actual experience. We have been helping customers in all areas of imaging since 1995, and we offer the following services:

We offer training courses centered around our HLImage++ product. These courses can be tailored to your specific needs and to your specific application. We offer these courses both off site (at your location) and on site (at our location).

Custom Software:
We offer custom tools and custom applications centered around our HLImage++ product. If you have a specific need, want a custom application, but don't want to do the programming, we can build custom software to suit your needs; often for less than a single copy of our competitors software.

We offer a wide range of consulting based around our HLImage++ software. If you need any of the above, and want to do it in-house, let us help you along the way. Simply let us know how we can help.

Real Support:
Unlike open-source or free software companies who may or may never fix reported bugs...
Unlike the large companies who may take months or years to get a bug fixed...
When you experience a bug in our software:
  • You get to talk to a real engineer, normally that same day
  • You will get a free bug fix, normally in under 3 days
  • You will get a call back when the issue is fixed