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Easily add custom functionality to HLImage++ using Mini Tools

(Point & Click Script Tool)
Mini Tools are similar to Custom Tools, and can use the entire HLImage++ API, all Tool APIs, 3rd party APIs, all Point & Click variables, and the entire Visual Studio. Unlike real tools, mini tools have no Graphical User Interface (GUI), and become part of the Point & Click Script tool via the mini tool plug in .
Ever spend good money on an application to find out that it only does most of what you need? Mini tools make sure that just won’t happen with HLImage++.
Need to hook up hardware from different vendors? Talk to a database? Run a very complex state machine? No problem, just plug in a mini tool…
Mini Tools are easier to write than custom tools, as they have no GUI. Making one is straight forward and a simple process because we provide you with all the code and documentation necessary to get your mini tool up and running quickly (usually in under 1 hour).
Visual Studio is used to create mini tools. If you need any help, we offer training courses and technical support as well as free example mini tools. You can get started quickly and easily writing a mini tool that does what you want, and not be bothered by a lot of wasted programming. And because we support Visual Studio, you don't need to be worried about hitting a brick wall when it comes to doing something a bit out of the ordinary like you will with a macro language!
Although adding in a mini tool is extremely simple, if you wish, we can do it for you, as we have been doing for over 20 years. Our cost is only a fraction of what you would expect to pay, and it costs nothing to discuss and quote a project. Even with the extra cost of a mini tool, the total cost of HLImage++ and the tool many times will be far less than a single copy of other software on the market today.
= + + (Visual Studio SDKs) + (Digital IO Vender SDK)
When a large manufacturing company needed a better way to control a nut sorting process, they contacted us for a solution. We first used the individual standard tools to figure out how to do what was needed. We first combined the image processing part of the control process into a Point Click Script to determine good nuts from bad. However, we still needed to queue up the results of the image processing and control a Digital IO board to eject the bad nuts. We combined all the functionality of the individual tools, the Visual Studio SDK, and the Digital IO SDK, into a standalone easy to use mini tool. This single mini tool now performs all the needed high speed Digital IO, sub-millisecond timing, and queue to help sort good nuts from bad.